Using a 10,000 DWT Cargo Barge with Air-Tight Mechanical Hatch Cover

This is a 330 footer barge with Hatch Cover and can load up to 10,000 MT of Direct Reduced Iron (DRI). It comes with a ramp door for trucks to enter. It can load its cargo by Quay Cranes or Ramp Door Drive-In. Its air tight mechanical hatch cover allows it to be sealed and for additional safety, nitrogen gas is pumped in to ensure there is no oxygen left inside to initiate an exothermic reaction.

Ramp Door of 15 meters length and allows trucks to enter the barge to load or discharge.

There will be tremendous cost savings in loading and discharging because cranes are not required when handling bulk cargoes and speed is quicker. The bottleneck of the crane’s speed is eliminated.