Internship At Lunar Shipping by Amirul

Internship 2

Hello and a very good day to all. My name is Muhammad Amirul Ashraf b. Faris Rafidi. I am a student studying in Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering of Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). I am undergoing an internship at Lunar Shipping Sdn Bhd for about two and a half month. I have been placed at Lunar Jetty and assigned with several type of works. To help with my work, the jetty supervisor has introduced me with a few set of machines. For the cleaning part, I have used a water pump-jet in order to make my work easier especially in cleaning difficult areas amd as for the painting work, a combination of compressor and a paint spray will make my job done efficiently.

Moving on to the other works, I been assigned to assist the Kencana's ship on the operation to relocate the position of barges. Moving the barges require the captain's navigation skills to be good.

timing belt genset
On the other hand, we had also repaired a generator set (genset) on behalf of Generator Malaysia for the purpose of electricity supply for a site project for the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) project at their site in Kajang. I have been there twice for servicing the machine. With me along are chief engineer and a jetty supervisor been assign to solve the problem. For the first time visiting the site, it was for replacing the oil filter as well as lubricating oil to keep it running to supply the energy needed for the construction. To make matters worse, as we reach the location, the sunset started and we have to make do in the dark but the help of headlight lamp from the company’s car we can finish the job. For me, that is the kind of experience that you cant get anywhere as the difficulty doing the job is always out of your imagination and we have to make do with everything we got to accomplish it. For my last visit, thankfully we reach there by noon but another difficulty came by with the shower of rain and this time we have to wait for it to stop before the job can begin. This time, the timing belt of the generator set have been broken due to weariness. We have to open it up the important parts to take out the broken one and replace it with the new one. Luckily our job done follow by another shower of rain.

timing belt broken
Genset Timing Belt
Genset running
Genset running smoothly.