Land Reclamation To Increase Land Size & Utilization

We provide Reclamation Services to your land using sand and/or armored rocks.  Contact us Now to enquire. The equipments used are a combination of tugs, barges, hopper suction dredgers, sand pumps and more.


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Land reclamation is the process of rehabilitating previously disturbed land into useful land. It is also simply referred to as reclamation. Some of the land that can be reclaimed includes: deserts, wetlands, oceans, lake beds, riverbeds, mines, and others. The new land that is created is known as reclamation ground or land fill. The naval marine in Malaysia has been on the front line in the rehabilitation of the ocean to improve on the transport system and human settlement.

Here are some of the things you should know about land reclamation and what we are doing to rehabilitate land in Malaysia:

Malaysia borders the nation of Singapore which lies to the South. Over the years there has been a stand- off between the two nations in respect to the boundary. This has however not stopped the country from reclaiming the part of the ocean which lies on their territorial side to build a dock. You will agree with me that for you to improve of the water transport system you will need to have a functional docking system and a clear water way. There are two crossing ways to the two nations and also a railway station. This is however not enough as the nation requires space for docking and housing which is limited.

Raising dry land from the sea is never an easy task. It takes the navy a lot of techniques and improved technology to achieve this. Great vessels are been used to achieve this. One of this is the trailing suction hopper dredger. It has the ability to take up to 30,000 tonnes of soil. The vessel can be just described as the largest vacuum cleaner on earth. A suction tube on the vessel is lowered to the seabed to suck up soil components such as clay, gravel and sand to the holding compartment. We are experts on this.

The state of the earth vessel takes up to an hour to fill up. This soil can either be dropped through the doors at the base of the ship. Otherwise, the load can be sprayed on the target spot through a nozzle at the ship bow. This state of the art vessel has saved the Nation a lot of resources and time. it is important to note that a study is first carried out on the process and its effect before commencing. The impact on the environment and the people living within the reclaimed land is considered and the state has taken the required measures.

In addition to the above technique, heavy amount of rocks are dropped to the seabed before adding on sand and other materials. This helps in creating stability. In the past years, many nations have taken up the exercise for different reasons. Some for industrialization purposes, habitation, or farming. In the recent times the growing number of population, creation of beach and recreation facilities, and water transport services have prompted the need for reclamation.

I can now confidently say that you have some information on land reclamation and its need. You also know that we provide land reclamation services in Malaysia. By doing this we improve the transport system and help in settling the ever growing number of people in the nation.



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