We offer the following:

  1. Supply of Harbour Tugs or Assisting Tugs for Jetties, Ports, Power Stations and Berths.
  2. Supply and Transportation of Lime Stones for manufacturing plants within Malaysia and Indonesia. We supply in quantities of more than 2000 Metric Tons per shipment. We supply and transport for you.
  3. Transportation of Bulk Cargoes such as Sulphur, Aggregate, Spun Piles and Petroleum Coke (Pet Coke) by Tug & Barge.
  4. Specialized in transportation of steel products such as Steel Billets, Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) and Scrap Iron by Tug & Barge.
  5. Transportation of Heavy Equipment such as Oil Rig Cranes, Palm Oil Equipment, Machineries and Rubber Tyre Gantry Cranes (RTG).
  6. Supply of Tug and Barges for Salvage Operations.
  7. Sand Reclaimation Projects in Malaysia.
  8. Caretaker of Vessels under receivership in West Malaysia area.
  9. Genset rental with our trusted supplier, Genset Rental Malaysia

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Steel Products Transportation by Sea

There are various steel products, whether raw materials or semi finished steel products that can be transported using barges. They are:

1) Direct Reduced Iron (DRI)

DRI is produced through the reduction of Iron Ore and is used to produce high quality steel. It is in a form of pellets as the picture depicted above.

Careful handling is required for this type of cargo as there are “special requirements”. Gasification is required for this type of cargo to ensure no exothermic reactions would occur in the cargo hold. Our air tight barge above had handled this type of cargo in various occasions.

2) Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI)

HBI is another form of reduced iron which is used for high quality steel making. It is safe, inactive and will not react with water to produce exothermic reactions.

To effectively handle HBI, a barge which is big enough can accomodate 2 excavators and 2 lorries at any one time for rapid discharge rate at a minimal cost. This is because no cranes are required to discharge the cargo while loading is quick by using conveyor pouring in through the hatch covers. Our specially designed barge offers exactly this advantage.

3) Steel Billets

The most common semi finished product would be the steel billets. It is easily handled and can be rolled into various product types such as wire rods and long products. Steel billets in the stockyard are moved around using electromagnets.

The picture above shows steel billets being handled on our barge. Cost savings are achieved through the use of cross positioning of billets to reduce usage of dunnages. Due to the large surface area, the billets do not need to be stacked high.

Project Cargoes

Cars need to be lashed securely when transporting using a barge. This is achieved through securing a turn buckle with the barge’s structure.

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