Shipbuilding Services – Tugboats, Harbour Tugs, Barges, Pontoons

We provide shipbuilding services in Malaysia for our clients. Whether it is harbour tugs, barges or pontoons, we are competitive in terms of pricing and quality.




Shipbuilding is a term that refers to a service provider that is the business of constructing ship as well as other water vessels along with repair services for clients. In most cases, all the clients’ unique needs are usually taken into consideration to develop a product that suits all their individual needs. For those who are not aware, ship building is a trade that started as far back as Ancient Egypt in 3000BC where ships were made using planks of wood. The trade has since then developed with marked improvements especially when it comes to the material used, shipbuilding techniques and the availability of a skilled workforce as well. We provide Ship Building Services in Malaysia with quality building techniques that we have acquired with our immense experience in the service industry.



Why Should you Choose Us

Since Malaysia achieved independence from the British Colonial Rule in 1957, the country has seen marked improvements especially when it comes to the industry and business sector. Waterways have become primary transportation modes that are not only affordable but convenient as well. For this particular reason, We provide Ship Building Services in Malaysia that accommodates all aspects of clients needs. There is no sense in denying what is apparent, but shipbuilding is a complex task that not only requires the best of equipment but the best engineering skills available on the market.

We know that acquiring the ideal vessel is not only necessary for your business or personal needs, but it is also a significant investment as well. As a top quality shipbuilder service, we take particular pride and comfort in ensuring that our clients receive optimal value for their time and money. More so, our job is only complete when the customer evaluates the final projects and is more than satisfied with the results.

Further lending to our top quality shipbuilding services, is the fact that our team of engineers and developers are well trained and experienced at producing water vessels that suit the clients needs. Aside from that, we take the time to pre-screen all our staff to ensure that they are skilled enough at expediting the ultimate job with exemplary results each time. We deliver the results in a timely fashion for you to evaluate and are we are also willing to take all your unique adjustment needs into account.

Our clients will also appreciate knowing that our shipbuilding process includes exclusive techniques and strategies to produce powerful vessels that are ideal for navigating waterways. All you need to do is to reach for us at our designated service lines to gain more information into our repertoire of services and packages as well.




Finally, when it comes to procuring a ship, there is barely any room for poor decision making. In fact, choosing an exemplary dealership has its inherent benefits. We provide Ship Building Services in Malaysia and are always available when you need us the most. Furthermore, we provide our clients with a satisfaction guarantee and are available for reliable repair services as well.