Role Of A Marine Shipyard In Malaysia

We have a shipyard in Port Klang that enables to perform ship building, ship repairs, refitting and resupply for our customers’ vessels. We provide parking services for long lay ups of vessels as well.

A shipyard is a place where designing, construction, converting, upgrading, maintenance and repair of marine vessels and equipment take place. In Malaysia,the demand of shipping services are rising day by day out due to increased export trading, and so the shipyards play an important role in the country.

The following are some of the roles played by the shipyards in Malaysia.

Shipyards are involved in the construction of ocean-going vessels like the tugboats, patrol vessels, fishing boats, yachts, landing crafts, passengers’ ships and ferries. The assembly of these ships takes place at shipyards where professionals are employed here to ensure that vessels are up to standard. Although there are many shipyards in Malaysia, they do not have the same capacity to construct marine vessels. The small local shipyards make small boats while the well-established shipyards carry out the big vessels like the passenger ships and ferries.

Apart from the construction of marine vessels, shipyards also house the special workshops where they make offshore structures. In the workshops, fabrication of steel structures and cranes takes place. These offshore structures go hand in hand with the marine vessels since they help them in their docking.

Also, ship industry cannot be alienated from the oil and gas sector. The marine industry enjoys a big chunk in the oil and gas transportation and due to this connection, the shipyards have workshops whereby the construction of tankers as well as offshore structures for oil and gas industry takes place. These ranges from small tankers to big offshore tanks depending on the capability of the shipyard.

Shipyards are equivalent to garages that are prevalent in the motor industry. The comparison is palatable because, in the shipyards, the following activities take place. Ship repairing and maintenance to vessels from time to time. Upgrading, overhauling and refurbishing of ships are also done in the yard. For a country like Malaysia whose shipping industry is stable, the government should also ensure that the shipyards are well equipped and with enough personnel to facilitate their work. Apart from being involved in the vessels and construction of structures, here are other roles of the shipyards.
Shipyards offer employment to individuals. Marine professionals, technicians and other persons who are skilled in different areas of ship making get jobs in the shipyards. The impact brought by creating employment to the economy of Malaysia is an improvement of living standards and poverty reduction among the citizens.

Shipyards also facilitate trade. The production of locally made ships has enabled the exporting of goods to be easier and cheap. Individuals can own ships easily and also be able to maintain and repair them at the local shipyards conveniently. The increased exporting has brought a significant mileage in enhancing the Malaysia trade with other countries.

Despite the good things that come with shipyards, some problems like pollution that comes out of the shipyards is a significant challenge to Malaysia.

Conclusively, shipyards are a backbone of the shipping and marine industry, and Malaysia should invest more to improve and make them internationally recognized.