Shipyard Services

Role Of A Marine Shipyard In Malaysia We have a shipyard in Port Klang that enables to perform ship building, ship repairs, refitting and resupply for our customers' vessels. We provide parking services for long lay ups of vessels as well. A shipyard is a place where designing, construction, converting, upgrading, maintenance and repair

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Ship Repair

Ship Repair Services For Tugboats & Barges We provide ship repair services for vessels which are the Tugboats or Barges type. This include deck repairs, welding works, sand blasting and engineering & machinery repairs. The ship building industry in Malaysia is very active with many shipyards providing ship building and ship repair services. It

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Internship At Lunar Again

Internship At Lunar Shipping by Amirul Hello and a very good day to all. My name is Muhammad Amirul Ashraf b. Faris Rafidi. I am a student studying in Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering of Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). I am undergoing an internship at Lunar Shipping Sdn Bhd for

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Internship in Lunar Shipping Hello, my name is Wong. I am a student pursuing Bachelor of Science in Nautical Science and Maritime Transportation in University Malaysia Terengganu. In the past six month, I have undergo internship in Lunar Shipping Sdn Bhd. For the first two month, I have been placed at Lunar Jetty and assigned

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