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Shipyard Services

Role Of A Marine Shipyard In Malaysia We have a shipyard in Port Klang that enables to perform ship building, ship repairs, refitting and resupply for our customers' vessels. We provide parking services for long lay ups of vessels as well. A shipyard is a place where designing, construction, converting, upgrading, maintenance and repair

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Ship Repair

Ship Repair Services For Tugboats & Barges We provide ship repair services for vessels which are the Tugboats or Barges type. This include deck repairs, welding works, sand blasting and engineering & machinery repairs. The ship building industry in Malaysia is very active with many shipyards providing ship building and ship repair services. It

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Barge Construction

Affordable and High Quality Barge Construction in Malaysia  We provide barge construction services for our clients. This include Flat Top Barges or even Hatch Cover Barges also known as Cargo Barge. How can we define a barge? You will come to understand that a barge is a type of flat-bottomed

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Tugboat Sale

Efficient and High Quality Tugboats for Sale in Malaysia We provide sale of Used and New Tugboats in Malaysia. For barges, please check our barges for sale section. What do you understand by the term tugboat? Apparently, a tugboat can simply be defined as a powerful type of boat whose purpose is to guide

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Shipbuilding Services

  Shipbuilding Services - Tugboats, Harbour Tugs, Barges, Pontoons We provide shipbuilding services in Malaysia for our clients. Whether it is harbour tugs, barges or pontoons, we are competitive in terms of pricing and quality.     Introduction Shipbuilding is a term that refers to a service provider that is the business of constructing ship

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