Affordable and High Quality Barge Construction in Malaysia 

We provide barge construction services for our clients. This include Flat Top Barges or even Hatch Cover Barges also known as Cargo Barge.

How can we define a barge? You will come to understand that a barge is a type of flat-bottomed boat (with a shallow draft) designed to operate across canals and rivers transporting heavy loads of goods. The main benefit of a barge is the ability to carry heavy loads of cargo (from 1000MT to 10,000MT) and entering a river. Do you know that some barges can even carry loads five times their weight? Now you know! Besides, barges are narrow and long in size making them to move perfectly across the rivers and canals.

Barges vary in different sizes where their sizes are mostly determined by the existing size of most common locks. You will also discover that some barges do not propel themselves thus there is need to ensure that they are pushed or towed using the towboats. Another interesting factor? You will find barges easily affordable, versatile and really strong to accommodate the entire weight of the cargo.

With the experience that we have accumulated over the years, we provide barge construction in Malaysia that meets the expected standards to satisfy our customers’ needs. We perfectly understand that you might be planning to expand your business through importing from abroad or exporting. This implies that you need to get a good barge to facilitate transportation of such goods.

We would like to assure you that by contacting us, you will be absolutely covered. Why? Apparently, we have gained an impressive track record in designing and constructing barges that not only incorporates great quality but also amazing performance. Our team of professional engineers has always applied innovative ideas to ensure that the best is delivered to our clients. Besides, our barges are versatile and you can actually use them in sea transportation besides using them in different industries such as oil, energy and gas industries.

As we provide barge construction in Malaysia, there are some benefits that you can perfectly enjoy from our barges. First, you will be assured of quick delivery of the barge once you have made an order. This can take only a few months before you can access the barge. Secondly, we factor in the top quality component thus ensuring that you get an efficient barge that has incorporated latest technology and properly integrated. Thirdly, in relation to mobility factor, we can opt to redeploy your barge or allow it to be towed; this will depend on the choice that you might prefer and in relation to the existing location situation.

There are different types of barges that you can choose from us. They include the tank barges, hopper barges, deck barges, open hoppers and other inland waterways barges (for instance, jumbo barges). Depending on the type of your goods (whether they are chemicals, heavy equipment, machinery and others), we will always ensure that your needs are catered for.

Another thing to note; we provide barge construction in Malaysia at a relatively cost-effective rate that will save you much on cost. As our potential customer, we focus much on giving you a quality product at a construction cost that you can comfortably manage. This is what has made us to be one of the most preferred barge construction companies in Malaysia. Besides, our commitment and dedication in meeting the demands of our clients in time has made us an exceptional company to deal with.

If you are in need of our barge construction services, don’t hesitate to communicate to us. Make a point of calling us or sending us an email. Our team of friendly customer service will listen to your needs and get back to you as soon as possible. Let your barge be constructed and designed by the best barge company in Malaysia!