Ship Dry Docking Services in Malaysia

We provide dry docking and wet docking services for Tugboats and Barges. This is so that you can refit and repair your vessel economically and quickly.

A dry dock may be defined as a place which vessels land on dry land. These structures may be on or close shore or on a structure itself. Mostly, a dock is used to refer to a shipyard or dockyard within which ships are are loaded, offloaded, construction and repair occurs.

We provide ship docking services in Malaysia by honoring ship owners and operators as the core stakeholders in our operations. We have an established global network of agents working closely with various Ship Owners. In all the processes of docking, undocking or escorting vessels, we always perform remarkably by providing unmatched fantastic service. Our dock is designed with safety and flexible mechanisms to allow the docking of vessels of various sizes. Our usual customers are the conventional twin-screw tugs, Aquamaster/Z-Peller Harbour Tugs and adjacent rudder tugs. We provide reasonable rates, harbor operating terms and conditions upon request.

On- Dock Depot services

We provide On-Dock depot services for ships docking in Malaysia. Our On-Dock depot services offer operators an avenue for storing their empty cargo boxes, which may be used for transshipment or cater for the local demand.

We have an efficient system to deliver, improvise and accelerate processes of forwarding the container movement order, generating the truck appointment and scientific organization of pick up equipment. This way, the effectiveness and quality of service level of ODDs and haulage have been intensified to offer fast turnaround of cargo boxes by Malaysian industrial players and logistics.

Bunkering Services

We provide bunkering services in Malaysia. It involves a scheduling system that enables us to meet timely fuel supply for ships at the dock. Our barges capacities are huge enough to hold up to 5000 tons of fuel and keep fuel oil and marine gas that meet the ISO 8217 standard should your vessel need them.

Bulk Storage and Warehousing

We offer specialized services in handling agriculture, timber, mineral and steel cargoes for ships docking in Malaysia. Our warehouse is huge enough to store some shipments offloaded from ships. Besides, our open yard facility is also large enough to offer safe bulk storage services. We ensure the security of the offloaded cargos through 24/7 surveillance. Our surveillance network is made up of the state of the art components to assure our customer’s goods have a secure and safe store.

Quick Anchorage services for Ships

With our state of the art technology and skilled workers enable us to offer quality services. Adequate services provision whereby booking, docking and sailing services are fast and reliable. We ensure customers efficient and safe transfer of vessels within the dock and ship yard.

Malaysia has deep water coastlines which favor dock construction. Therefore, our docks are strategically located and modernized so as to deliver sufficient anchorage services to all types of docking ships. Anchorage spots for each type of ship are evident, and dock clearance process has been perfected through the adoption of state of the art telecommunication technology.