Marine Engines Repair & Replacement Services Malaysia


Are you looking for marine engine replacement services? We supply marine engines for sale in Malaysia. Our solutions will surpass your expectations regarding reliability, performance and operating economy. If you need Marine Engine for your sea vessels, we are ready no offer you the best marine engine replacement. The brands of our engines that we recommend are the Cummins Engine KTA Series, Caterpillar 3400 and 3500 series and the Mitsubish S6 Series.


Considering the marine latest engine platform, our aligned engines will convey you with entirely new opportunities to increase efficiency, operating budget and environmental protection without sacrificing much power.


Our new design of engines provides more power and elasticity than ever. Why go for first-class marine engines when you can have a superb solution with us? Starting from our marine engine selections, we can help you upgrade to a complete marine solution:


A group of flexible opportunities such as equipment, ratings, transmissions, instruments and cooling systems is designed to fit your requirements. Of course with our proven services quality all through the entire solution.


We provide our customers with durable, reliable and affordable marine engine services. Our marine engines services in Malaysia has a comprehensive collection that is prominent in the industry as one of the best.


Whether you are looking for engines for vessels or a pilot boat or any other marine vessels, we will ensure that it is suitable for your ship. Our commitment is to offer our customers marine engines that lasts long, is of high quality and affordable. We also provide reconditioned engines for customers who would like to save some money while getting the reliability and performance needed of the vessel.


Each marine engine fitted is monitored by our staff of skilled technicians as their job is to ensure the engines are installed in a systematic manner that meets and exceeds the specifications that is currently required by Class (BV, ABS, LR, NK) in the industry. Our team is committed to this quality level twenty four hours a day seven days a week. This is proven by the skill level of our staff who are greatly experienced and absolutely knowledgeable not only around marine engines but also the modern techniques involving construction of those engines.


The potentials of our team, in aggregation with our bases for the ultimate marine engine sections, enables us to offer marine engines that give performance power, efficiency, and a strong and everlasting return on investment.



What Makes Our Marine Engines Different?


  1. Our magnificent Engines’ will use less fuel and at the same time they will have more power.
  2. We also provide Engine horsepowers ranging from 300 BHP to 2000 BHP per engine.


Our marine engines will no doubts beat the competition in the market. This is one way we are able to rank ourselves in the Marine Engine market. In addition, we set each install engines and perform rigorous inspection that scrutinizes the individual mechanisms for excellence in workmanship and better functionality before assembling the engine parts.


Our fundamental objective is always to equip our customers with exceptional quality of Marine Engines and installation. We assure that our engines offered are 100% Malaysian Flag compliant.


We sell a complete selection of Marine Engines which will make you use less fuel and yet also steer with more power. You will be confident with our services and we will strive to meet your requirements.


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